Elevate Spring Break Camp, Round 3


Every week since August, as I volunteer in the schools and eat lunch with students, students have been asking me, “When are we going to do that camp again?”

They might be referring to any number of camps that we were able to be involved with — including a summer STEM camp with my work, or my wife helping with arts and crafts during summer school.

But for many students, they are talking about one of the Spring Break Soccer Camps that we’ve been able to organize. And we’re happy to be able to help bring it back for the third straight year.

Making It Happen

The first two years, I went before the Allendale County School Board to request permission to use the facilities. This year, however, another parent from Allendale made the request.

Last year, this mother volunteered every day during the 4-day camp. And besides being eager to serve, she also wants to see other parents get more involved. As we talked about it last summer and fall, we all agreed that if she made the request, it would be a way to be a leader and an example in this community.

The date is set: April 14-17 (Monday – Thursday), at Allendale-Fairfax Middle School. We would love for you to be a part.

12Apr Soccer Camp

What We Need, and Why

If you want to know why we are doing this, please read last year’s post. It’s pretty much the same.

And if you want to know what is needed, it’s also pretty much the same. In short, we need people to:

  1. Serve, which includes people from Allendale, and those from other places (most families stay 2 nights)
  2. Give (to provide meals)
  3. Communicate what is going on
  4. Pray for physical (good weather, safety, etc) and spiritual (a spirit of love to be present, meaningful time for the children, etc) needs

We already have a couple of teenagers from Greenville who are on board and excited to come back, including this Honorary Citizen of Allendale.

What about you? Will you be a part of Elevate Spring Break Soccer Camp?

If your family wants to be a part of this, register with this link.

If you don’t have kids but want to serve, or if you have any questions, you can leave a comment, or contact me.

Edit: For some thoughts on this year’s camp, read What Do We Know? Not Much.

For more about our past spring break camps, check out these posts:

Edit: Here are 10 pictures from our great week!


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2 responses to “Elevate Spring Break Camp, Round 3”

  1. Linda Ellis says :

    Joey – I love your blog – it’s great. First Pres Church, FPC is starting a “/Book and a Buck”/ campaign for the two Allendale Elementary schools – starting March and we will make a successful delivery? in May. I talked with both Principals and they seem eager to receive what we hope will be a lot of books and bucks. Bless you for all you do,


    • joeyespinosa says :

      Thanks, Linda. I really appreciate that.

      So cool about the book program. Glad that you connected with the principals directly. Let me know if there is anything else I can do.

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