10 Pictures from Elevate Camp

As you may know, we had our 3rd annual Elevate Spring Break Camp last week. I’ll write more in the future, but I at least wanted to give you 10 representative photos from the week.

Besides a little bit of bad weather (rainy 1 day, and cold for 1.5 days) and a bit of illness (including an apparent stomach virus in our family), it was a great week. We averaged about 55 kids per day, plus a dozen teenagers, plus another dozen adults. It was a great week of physical activity, fun games, arts, team-building, and more!

We are thankful for the adults, teens, and children who participated in this camp, and for the financial and other resources that were donated.

Elevate Soccer 14 Outside Day 1

Enjoying the great weather on day 1

Elevate Soccer 14 MS Girls

The 5th-8th grade girls group had perfect attendance!

Elevate Soccer 14 MS Boys

The 5th-8th grade boys had LOTS of energy!

Elevate Soccer 14 Art

The youngest group painting their handmade clay pots.

Elevate Soccer 14 Chicken

Special guests: a chicken, a goat, 3 dogs. Oh, and 3 humans.

Salad Eating Contest

2 teen boys (You’shi vs. Nate) in a salad-eating contest. No dressing allowed. And for no prize.

Elevate Soccer 14 Abe Lincoln

Students traveled back in time to become Abraham Lincoln, and had to memorize part of the Gettysburg Address. (Note: We also had reenactments of Romeo and Juliet.)

Elevate Soccer 14 Healthy Choices

Allendale-Fairfax HS junior leadership (with Karissa Ulmer, from Clemson Extension and 4H) lead a healthy-choices curriculum.

Elevate Soccer 14 Team Building

4th & 5th grade boys in a team-building activity during the healthy-choices lesson.

Elevate Soccer 14 Sweet Potato

During the “Amazing Race”, this girl earned the nickname “Sweet Potato” for eating a jar of baby food.


You can see more pictures on the Elevate Facebook Page. And you can read more thoughts on this year’s camp in What Do We Know? Not Much.

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