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I’m always recommending books and articles, based on what has helped me the most. If I had to go back 3.5 years and start over again (which is sort of what we’ll be doing next), I would be sure to start with these.

If you are thinking of moving to Allendale (you should), or doing something similar to what we’ve done, these resources may help you.


I will either link to the books on Amazon, or to a review I’ve done.

A Slave of Circumstance (James Brewton).  Though specifically written about Allendale, it may help provide insight to other similar communities.

Poverty-ASCD-Cover-75pTeaching with Poverty in Mind (Eric Jensen).  The number one book I recommend for teachers, and for anyone who works with children who are growing up in poverty. I’ve referenced this book over and over and over and . . . .

A Framework for Understanding Poverty (Ruby Payne).  More well-known than Jensen’s book. Payne’s book is not as good, in my opinion, but it has given us exactly what the title promises, a basic framework.

Fatherless Generation (John Sowers).  If you read this and are not motivated to get involved in the lives of children and youth, you’re either heartless or gutless. Period.

StandOut (Marcus Buckingham). I’m a Buckingham groupie. This book is concise and helpful in helping you understand how God has wired you. (If you’re curious, I’m a Stimulator / Connector.) If strengths-based living is new for you, you may want to start with Now, Discover Your Strengths.

Good to Great (Jim Collins).  I read this years ago. The leadership principles will help you in every area of your life. See also: Less Is More Leadership (Dale Burke).

When Helping Hurts (Corbett and Fikkert).  Changed my views (and actions) regarding poverty, charity, and missions.

Blogs and Podcasts

I read a lot of blogs, but rarely listen to podcasts. In either case, these are ones that I never miss.

Verge Network.  Want to live on mission for Jesus? Subscribe to this site.

Michael Hyatt.  Best. Leadership. Site. Ever.

Gospel Centered Discipleship.  The name says it all.

And You?

Do you have any books or blogs that are on your “must-read” list? Let us know in the comments.

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