Although We’ve Come . . .

Bridge 301 Allendale 2012

If you traveled south from Allendale, along Highway 301, you’ll soon come to a bridge that gets you across the Savannah River. You can keep following this road, if you want, through Georgia and Florida, all the way to Miami. In fact, before I-95 came to be, 301 was THE way that people on the eastern seaboard would travel to Florida. (Allendale is halfway between New York and Miami.)

Here’s the thing about that bridge between Allendale and Georgia: it’s not the final destination, and that bridge doesn’t even get you to Florida. But it does get you across the river. And it gets you further along your journey.

I hope this blog has been like that bridge for you. My goal was not to be a blogger, even though I have over 500 posts on this blog in the past 3.5 years.

And my goal was not to try to figure out or explain everything about Allendale, SC. We’ve been blessed our time in Allendale, but we realize that we have experienced just a sliver of time in that community.

I just wanted to help you (as I helped myself) a little further down the road, to help you understand this community and the God who loves the people here. I wanted to help you see how He has been working here.

This is our adventure, but it’s God’s story.

Thank you for joining us in this journey, whether you were one of the 200+ subscribers, or you just came through searches and social media, or even if you just read one article. It’s been an honor to partner with you.

I hope you learned. I hope you were stirred to action.

I hope you laughed. I hope you cried. I hope you dreamed.

We did.

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