6 Reasons We Went to the Cooter Fest

We could come up with lots of great reasons to go to the Cooter Fest:

1.  Fun rides. Only Elijah rode one — the crazy flipping, twisting, spinning gyroscope thing.

Elijah CooterFest Ride 2014f

2.  Fun games. We didn’t spend waste too much money on them.

Games CooterFest 14May

3.  Yummy food. Mostly, we ate the BEST tacos, just like last year. To be honest, we ate them 5 times in 3 days.

Tacos CooterFest 14May

4.  Parade. Longer than normal. Kids got lots of candy.

CooterFest Parade AFHS 14May

5.  Cooter Race. Thankfully, the kids decided to not enter this year. (It turns into an all-day event, in the blazing heat.) Although I have to wonder if this was the year we could have won $1100. However, we did watch the Cooter Fashion show. No pictures — you’ll just have to see it for yourself one day.

All of the Above, and Beyond

The truth is, we went for all of these reasons, and more. In a weekend when I could have participated in Kairos Prison Ministry, or we as a family could have taken part in HOG Day, we chose the Cooter Fest, and not just for the 5 reasons listed above.

We saw this event (including having to make it back from our DC trip) as a way to connect deeper with families that we know — adults, teenagers, and children. I counted at least thirty-two families that we had conversations with on Friday and/or Saturday, during the Cooter (or Spring) Festival.

That’s why we go — to connect with and be a part of our community.

And for the food and fun.

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2 responses to “6 Reasons We Went to the Cooter Fest”

  1. festivals4fun says :

    What will the dates be for Cooter fest 2015? Really need to find out what the new dates will be

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