An Outgoing Introvert

Elevate 2013 Spring Lackey

Janelle Lackey and her 4 kids wanted to come to our Spring Break camp, to serve Wednesday and Thursday. Since she was taking a Tuesday night class, she would not be able to leave Greenville until late, putting her in Allendale at close to midnight. But she was undeterred.

Thankfully, that class was cancelled and her family got here at a reasonable hour. Good. They needed all the rest they could get.

Not only did she lead with energy and enthusiasm, but she and her children made friends. As I wrote after camp, it was the relationships which were formed and strengthened that made our camp a success.

A recent blog post on the Grace Church Pastors Blog, An Outgoing Introvert: Life on Mission, describes how these friendships have grown since the conclusion of spring break. For instance:

Janelle and her children have provided an example of what it means to build a meaningful relationship. In fact, her actions have challenged and inspired me to be more intentional. I’m thankful for how she has supported our efforts, and how she is (unintentionally) pushing us to do more.

You will be likewise blessed and challenged if you read the entire article: An Outgoing Introvert: Life on Mission.

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