Conley Blair: Honorary Citizen of Allendale

Conley Blair 13July Soccer

Whatchu’ talkin’ ’bout, Conley?

This is Conley Blair (on the right). He has been to Allendale. A lot.

Three “official” mission trip weeks with Grace Church, over the past three summers. Two after-the-mission-trip weeks in order to help us with summer camps. Two weeks of Elevate spring break soccer camps.

That would be seven trips in the past 26 months, for about 35 nights spent in Allendale. As best I can figure, he has spent more days and nights in Allendale than anyone else from Grace Church (besides us) since that church has been involved in this community.

He is a leader for little kids, a role model for bigger kids, and a friend for teenagers.

And he loves coming to Allendale. He knows that it is not about the service that he does (although he has done much work here). He loves coming to Allendale because of the people here. He loves building and strengthening relationships.

I look forward to him coming back here. And so do many other Allendale residents — whether children, teenagers, or adults.

2013-07-18 14.14.46

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