A Mission for Our Family

Ready to party

Regarding us moving to Allendale, you may be wondering how our kids are doing.  Overall, really well.  Of course, there is some hard parts, like leaving friends and a great church.  Hannah told Elijah this over a month ago, upon learning that Allendale is 3 hours from Greenville, “Elijah, do you know how early we’re going to have to leave to get to church each week?”

But as a whole, they are also up for adventure, and they are at a good stage in life to do this.  Three years ago, Sender would have been a toddler, which is not an easy time for us to go through a big change like this.  Five years from now and Hannah is in the midst of her teenage years, when leaving close friends would get really difficult.

I was glad to have read an article reminding me that God has a mission for my family.  There are some key principles that I needed to be reminded of, like:

  • View my family as a vehicle for ministry.  My kids are not obstacles to ministry.  Instead, each of us has a valuable role in expanding God’s kingdom.
  • Release my kids.  God has a bigger plan for them than I can imagine.
  • Focus on eternity.  What I do is not just about what I get done over the next few weeks or months.
  • Pay attention to life’s rhythms.  I need to have balance in my life.  There are some seasons that will be more challenging, and I need to plan for them.

We are excited about this opportunity for our family.  While there are going to be some challenges and needs in the short-term, this is going to be great for us in the long-term.  I’ve had great experiences already in Allendale County, as have Joanna and the kids.  Our kids are excited to be a part of the after school program, to make new friends, to experience something new.  God has given each of us peace and excitement about the great work that He is allowing us to be a part of.

And it turns out, that us being together has been The Best Part of My Job.

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