How My Kids Have Engaged the Culture

Salkehatchie Stew audition

For as much as this blog is compiled by me, I hope you know that it is not just a summary of only my thoughts and experiences. I write from the perspective of my family living in Allendale. We are on this adventure together.

That we are on this adventure together as a family was especially seen with my job last year. My family being in the after school program was The Best Part of My Job. But even though I no longer work for the Boys & Girls Club, I know that our adventure continues, and we’re thrilled to be on it.

I write on another blog, A Different Way, where I focus more on reaching the hearts of children with the gospel. I share personal experiences, theology, principles, and resources, so that parents, churches, and teachers can be equipped.

Recently, I shared how my children have grown and benefited from living in Allendale, as they have engaged the culture and community alongside me. If you haven’t read those posts, you can learn about how:

  • Hannah being a nurturer has helped her quietly and naturally make new friends.
  • Elijah has thrived by playing with a group of boys virtually every day.
  • Sender fits in just fine in this culture that values joking and entertainment.

Additionally, Joanna, Hannah, and Elijah will be participating in a play that is locally produced and performed (read more about Salkehatchie Stew), called “Life Lessons Learned.” They’re really excited about this opportunity to be in the play, and to build relationships with new people in the community.

After reading those, you may want to learn more about the Allendale community for yourself. You can get a quick overview from the recently-updated pages on Grace Church’s culturally-engaged website, including:

  • A glimpse of Allendale (including some statistics),
  • The philosophy of our work here, with the goal of revitalization by the year 2040,
  • A timeline of Grace Church’s involvement in Allendale.

Of course, you can learn even more about this community by visiting, whether for a day, a couple of days, or more. Let me know if you are interested.

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