The Best Part of My Job

I love hearing the personal stories (Why We Do This) of how much the kids are growing in the after school program. I love it when parents “complain” about their kids not wanting to leave, or when a child doesn’t go to school (for any number of reasons) but they insist they still want to go to the Club.

I love seeing staff and volunteers work within their passions and gifting. Some help with homework, some help with crafts, some do personal mentoring (and some do all of the above). A couple of baseball players have been helping with homework, then playing sports with kids.

But the best part of my job has nothing to do with other kids, or with most of the leaders. The best part of my job relates to something my older son (Elijah) realized a couple of months ago.

“We’re the only family that has everyone together at the Club everyday.”

If you ask my kids who their friends are, they’ll rattle off kids from the after school program. Even our 4-year-old (Sender) will list middle schoolers as some of his “best friends.”

I love that my boys get to run and and play with other boys. I love that my daughter was respected enough to be voted in as secretary of the leadership program that we have at the Club.

I love that my kids participate in the Club Talent Show almost every week, whether individually (such as this awesome dance routine), or when they make up their own group skits. Even better is when they come up with ideas that include other kids in the Club.

I love that My Excellent Wife and I get to work side-by-side, not just to strengthen our own marriage, but for the model it provides for the kids who see us serving and leading together, as I wrote about here.

I love that my son recognized the uniqueness of our family’s situation.

For all that I’m not good at with this role, and for all the struggles that we go through, God reminds me how fortunate I am to have my family with me at work every single day. How many of my peers would love to have that opportunity?

If you can’t take your kids to work with you each day, you need to find some kind of ministry that you can serve together in. Are you On a Mission?

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