Missional Kids

The Verge Network (which I highly recommend you following if you are interested in learning more about living a Kingdom-centered life) posted a series of videos by author and speak Paul Tripp.

The series was called “Missional Marriage,” but it included several videos relating to parenting and children. Each video is only a couple of minutes long, and you should watch them, whether or not your have young children.

How Do Children Become Kingdom Minded?

“It’s not just that I raise obedient children. I want to raise Kingdom minded children as well.”

How Can Children Be Included in Missional Living?

“Your carpet will get worn. Your couch will get stained. That wornness and that stain lives to the Glory of God if it’s been stained in ministry.”

How Can I Normalize Ministry for My Children?

“I think example is a very, very powerful thing. The more regular it is, the more comfortable it is, the more natural it is for your children as well.”

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