Our Season in Allendale . . .

HOG Day 2011

HOG Day 2011, with Joe and Elizabeth Mole

This video was shown at Grace Church this past weekend:

As you can imagine, this 2.5-minute video is only a snapshot of a bigger conversation and decision. We will communicate more over the next few months as we travel through this transition.

But if you have any questions or concerns that jump out at you now, please leave a comment below, or contact us. The question that you are thinking of may be what someone else is thinking but (for whatever reason) won’t ask. Plus, your questions will help us process through our decision.

Thanks for your encouragements, prayers, and support!

Note:  You can hear a little more of the context from Matt Williams by watching the first 5 minutes of this sermon video. Then, when you have time, listen to the full sermon.

Edit: Here is The Big Announcement about what we will be doing next.

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6 responses to “Our Season in Allendale . . .”

  1. Keri says :

    Praying for y’all and what God has next for you! You have been a picture of faithfulness in following the calling He has on your lives!

  2. Susan says :

    This makes me so happy for y’all, but at the same time a little sad…. I am so proud of you and your family and so grateful to you all. You, Joanna, and your children have been a wonderful part of this community and have given so much to so many. God has blessed us all in Allendale by sharing you all! Glad we get a little more time with y’all though. 🙂 I will keep y’all in my prayers. I know He has great plans for you!

  3. Sheila says :

    Oh my! I wasn’t prepared to hear that! You all have certainly been a blessing to Allendale! We will certainly feel a void when you all leave but God is faithful. I know He will continue to send good people such as yourselves to Allendale. Ultimately Allendale will have to help itself. God bless you and your family! Well done!

    • joeyespinosa says :

      Sorry, Ms. Leath. I should have warned you better! Yes, we are only a small part of how God is working in Allendale. He’s been at work before we got here, and He’ll be at work long after we leave.

      I’ve been blessed to be able to work with you. Thank you for the many opportunities you have given me, my wife, and my kids.

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