Questions for a Missionary (Summary)

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Last summer and fall, I did a series called “Questions You Can Ask a Missionary.” I answered the 12 questions listed in an article on the Paracletos blog. These questions address the most common stressors that missionaries feel.

In case you missed any of the posts, or as a way to review what I already wrote (especially in light of us transitioning from Allendale over the next six months), here is a list of those questions and answers:

  1. How Is Your Support Level?  Very solid.  
  2. Did You Take a Sabbath Rest This Week?  I think I’m getting better at this.
  3. How Is Language Study Coming Along?  Not the same struggle as overseas missionaries have. 
  4. Have You Been Able to Spend Meaningful Time in the Word This Week?  I do well with this, but am weaker in prayer.
  5. What Cultural Issue Is the Most Difficult for You?  Prioritizing time with people and time on tasks.
  6. What Can I Ask God to Supply for Your Staffing Needs?  More laborers for “the harvest.”
  7. In What Ways Do You Feel Like You’re In Over Your Head?  In everything! Seriously.
  8. How Are You Getting Along with Your Co-Workers?   Great, especially with my favorite co-worker (my wife).
  9. How Are Your Parents?  Good. Another minor stressor for us.
  10. How Are Your Kids?  Great. They have loved living in Allendale.
  11. How Are Things Between You and Your Leadership?  I could not feel more supported and empowered.
  12. How Has God Been Reminding You of His Presence?   Even in our loneliness, we know He is with us.

For another fun series, check out this list of 35 reasons why Allendale is great.


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