FAQ: How Long Will You Need Financial Support?

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I started working in Allendale in January 2011, and we started raising financial support the next month. Because I have only had part-time jobs (anywhere from one to four at any given time), we have needed additional support for these three years that we have lived in Allendale.

But now that Our Season in Allendale is coming to a close, some are wondering if we still need financial support, and if so, how long we will need it.  

Your Faithfulness in the Past

Our gracious God and our generous community (family and friends) have demonstrated their goodness and love through all the money that has been donated on our behalf. Dozens of families and individuals have supported us with monthly contributions, and a couple of dozen more people have given one or more times.

Of course, sometimes people have had to stop supporting us regularly, usually due to a significant life change. That is fine. God has always been faithful. Every 4-6 months, someone has reached out to us with a desire to start supporting us monthly.

And generosity has gone beyond monetary donations. Just this year, we have also received:

  • Bags of international coffee
  • A hotel gift card (from an anonymous donor)
  • A grocery store gift card
  • A variety of free and discounted medical care for our family
  • Ministry-specific money, to go towards the after school program, camps for kids, a young man who experienced a house fire, books for prison ministry, etc.
  • A place to stay, for me and football players who attended a camp
  • A mom and teenager daughter who drove to Allendale to babysit our kids, so Joanna and I could have a get-away weekend

We are overwhelmed by your generosity, and are so thankful to partner with you!

How Much Longer?

While we do not (yet) have a specific end date for living in Allendale, we are aiming for Summer 2014. And unless I pick up another part-time job, the only job I will have is my part-time work at the USC-Salkehatchie Leadership Institute. Therefore, we are definitely in need of your continued financial support for about six more months.

If you are able to continue supporting us in God’s ministry in Allendale, please do so. And if you cannot continue giving, that’s ok, too. Whether you’ve given $10 or $10,000 over the past three years, God has multiplied your blessing to us, and I trust that He will multiply it back to you as well.

Now What?

Whether or not you have been donating to our cause (through Grace Church), you can still play a huge role. Besides giving one-time or regularly over the next six months, you can also make a one-time donation before the end of the year. For instructions on how to do this, please visit our Financial Support page.

If you want to give directly to us (note: it will not be tax-deductible), you can contact me for our address.

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