I Am Not an Evangelist


I get excited when I hear about other missionaries teaching the gospel. For example, my friend Joseph Osborn began a Bible study with some local co-workers in Paupa New Guinea (you can start with this post and then click around to get the full story).

Within the first few meetings, he was receiving great responses and questions from the men and women in that study. It is obvious that the Holy Spirit is working through him to bear much fruit. Encouraging stories like this are part of the reason why we support the Osborns.

Honestly, reading his stories not only challenges me, but they even discourage me. Why? I read his blog, and realize that I’m not an evangelist.

Now, we have to separate the gift of evangelism (given to some) and the call to evangelize (a command given to all Christ-followers). I know I don’t have the former, but I also know that I’m not doing enough of the latter.

After all, as a “missionary,” shouldn’t I preaching the gospel be my chief focus? Am I focusing so much on relationships (sometimes an excuse for getting other people to like me), and not enough on proclaiming God’s word?

How I’ve Taught God’s Truth

Don’t get me wrong; there have been specific moments where I have shared gospel truths. Sometimes it’s been for an individual (such as in my car on Valentine’s Day), and sometimes to a small group (such as at a high school retreat in the mountains).

When I had a Super Bowl party for a group of guys I meet with in the prison, I explained that the only reason I was there was because Jesus changed my life. And I’ve been able to share in larger group settings, like at a pregame devotion or during Elevate Soccer Camp.

And we’ve been able to share numerous biblical truths, such teaching a group of kids about cohabitation and getting engaged, and explaining to young men about how a man should love his wife.

How I’m Not an Evangelist

But I can’t shake off the nagging feeling that I should be doing more. I feel like I am missing something. I want to be used by God for His purposes, and surely that includes leading others towards faith and salvation. Right?

I don’t know if this means doing a Bible study. Or maybe it’s a one-on-one discipleship. Or maybe it’s something else.

I’m not an evangelist. But I need to be more of one.

Please pray that God would show me how I can be used to spread the Gospel, and that I would follow His call in faith.

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