Blog Stats and Internet Searches

This blog is now almost two years old (although some of the initial content was transferred from A Different Way). We are now coming up on 25,000 views in that time.

I often wonder how (and why, for that matter) people get to my blog, so I dig through the statistics. Some readers get automatically updated (I post three days a week) via email or RSS subscriptions (see the widgets to right to do sign up, if you’re not already). Some come through Facebook and Twitter.

And other folks find me through internet search engines. Some of these search terms are not so surprising:

  • “mission allendale”
  • “allendale fairfax high school football”
  • “joe mole allendale”
  • “benefits of short term missions”
  • “fatherless boys” or “fatherless girls”

However, some of the searches that got people to my blog amaze / confuse / concern me:

  • “amazing bullying gunpoint joy suffering” (3 times!)
  • “rumors allendale sc”
  • “garbage truck concept”
  • “three black guys walk into a restaurant”
  • “cars made before 1990”
  • “pain fairy sex” (I’m not going to google that)
  • “i love long jump”

Once readers are here, some only read the most recent article (especially for those who subscribe). However, new and infrequent visitors usually want to catch up with what we are doing and learning. That’s why I often put in so many links in my posts.

As a friend of mine recently told me,

“I recently discovered how deep the rabbit hole of your blog goes. You’re so crafty with how you link one to the next in the text of your blogs! I found myself clicking and reading and clicking and reading and wanting more and more.”

Good. That’s the point. I want to get you sucked in so my blog stats go up you can learn and be inspired.

If you are new, or need to catch up, here are some of the more popular posts:

Happy reading! And thanks for all your encouragements and comments (and even just for reading and sharing).


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