Why We Support the Osborns

No, they don’t always dress like this.

We don’t support the Osborns because we are in their family. And We don’t support them because we’ve been close friends with them for a long time.

We support them because of who they represent (Jesus Christ) and because of their mission (bringing the gospel to people who have never heard it before).

“The five Osborns (now six), had laid aside all worldly ambitions, in order to spread the gospel. What greater purpose could one have but to bring the truth of Jesus to a people who have no knowledge of Him? When it’s all said and done, they will have lived in PNG a significant portion of their lives. They will have introduced many people to Jesus. They will have brought hope and life to a country of darkness.”

This family of 6 has already begun the mission of bringing the Good News to a tribe in Papua New Guinea. After living in PNG for about a year, they returned home to have their fourth child and to raise more support.

We support them financially, and I think you should, too. Read more about our rational on my guest post on the Osborn Mission blog.

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