Reflections from an Intern: Joseph Berry

Joseph doing math games with the younger campers

This week, you’ll hear end-of-summer thoughts from the three interns. The order will be when they sent me their answers, which (you may notice) is exactly opposite of their introductory post. Today’s post is from Joseph Berry, but be sure to check out what Greg Massullo and Anna Marshall had to say.

Besides serving at our Elevate Summer Camp, Joseph was an intern at Fairfax Baptist Church (working with the youth), went on a mission trip with that church, volunteered at other summer programs for children, and helped with community improvement projects in Allendale.

Reflections from Joseph Berry

  1. What has been your favorite part of being in Allendale?  Getting to just enjoy fellowship with everyone from Fairfax First Baptist to Vision Ministries and even the kids at Elevate Camp!
  2. What has been your biggest challenge?  Being out of my comfort zone and having to make the first move to initiate relationships.
  3. What surprised you about Allendale?  How some of the people are rooted in their ways, and find it difficult to change even if it is for the best.
  4. What advice would you give someone who was thinking about being an intern in Allendale next year?  To not expect to come down and start something brand new, but to partner with existing things and to help instead.
  5. How has God used this experience to grow you?  He has taught me that I don’t have to carry around a Bible with me and preach to people to share The Gospel, but that I can use my actions to do it.
  6. Anything else?  I enjoyed the all the experience I gained from being in Allendale this summer and I will take what I learn and apply it to my life elsewhere!

We’re thankful for all three of our summer interns. It’s encouraging to see that all three of them talked about how they learned that relationships are crucial to living out the gospel.

If you know of a college student who may be interested in serving as an intern in Allendale next summer, be sure to leave a comment or contact me.


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