Elevate Summer Camp

We are super excited about the newest opportunity we have to serve children and parents in Allendale. We will be running a day camp at Allendale Elementary School during the month of June. We are keeping the same name as we did with our spring break soccer camp, since we like the concept of a community working together to ELEVATEchildren to higher ground.

This camp will be run in partnership with the Allendale County School District, as we will help support summer school. Instead of children being finished at noon, we will have programming until 4 PM. Additionally, we will have some reserved spaces for children who do not need summer school, but who would benefit from having a safe, fun, and enriching place to go during the day.

The Facts

We will have normal programming Mondays – Thursdays, and field trips on Fridays. “Normal” programming sounds a little vague, but that’s only because we don’t know exactly what we are doing yet (you had better get to work, Summer Interns). The Friday field trips are being sponsored by different churches — from Hilton Head, Lexington, Greenville, and Savannah (GA).

Space will be limited, based on the number of volunteers that we expect to have each week. Those weeks that we know we’ll have more volunteers, we will allow more children to participate. We are only charging a nominal fee of $15 per child per week, and we will provide a discounted rate if a family member participates (through volunteering or providing snacks).

The Needs

Two weeks ago, I let you know how you could partner with us this summer, by donating to our family, donating to this ministry, and donating specific items. Now, I will let you know more about these.

First, thank you to everyone who has already made a donation on our behalf. I expected that our family would need an additional $3000 this summer, and we have slightly exceeded that goal. God has used His body to provide for us, yet again.

Second, we are still in need of resources such as school supplies and snacks. As I wrote, those donations can be by check, gift card (Wal-Mart, Staples, Bi-Lo, Amazon.com), or items shipped directly to us. If you can help in any way, that would be much appreciated, as it will help us keep our operating costs low.

Third, we are asking for special items, such as board games and simple craft kits, to be used for fun activities.

Fourth, we need volunteers. As I said, the more volunteers that we have, the more kids we can let participate. We have church groups from June 20 until the end of camp, so we are pretty well covered then (although we could always use another willing servant!). However, we particularly need more volunteers for these dates:

  • June 11 – 14 (Mon – Thurs)
  • June 18 & 19 (Mon – Tues)
  • June 8 & 15 (Friday field trips, chaperones needed)

“What Can I Do?” I’m Glad You Asked

Please contact me (by leaving a comment or emailing me) as soon as you possible if you would like to:

As always, thank you for your continued support, encouragements, and prayers.

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5 responses to “Elevate Summer Camp”

  1. jdmeier says :

    I’m a fan of “ELEVATE children to higher ground” … we all need a lift in life, and it helps when we lift others up.

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