Why Ask for Financial Support?

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I had a great conversation last week with my friend Joseph Osborn. As you may recall from a previous link I had to their website (Osborn Mission), they are headed to Papua New Guinea this summer in order to live with, love on, and teach the gospel to an unreached people group.

Without a doubt their level of commitment to the gospel dwarf ours. Their mission will require more sacrifice, more time, and more money than I can imagine.

They have been pursuing this path for years now. Since we are new “missionaries,” I recently called him to give me some insight in what it looks like to raise financial support. As I’ve written before, I do have a job with the an after school program. But it is only part time, and the pay is nowhere near enough for my family to live on. Since Joseph is an expert in support raising (he’s laughing right now), I needed him to share what he’s learned.

The biggest thing, he told me, was to be really direct when talking with people. It’s a lot better to be totally upfront with people. Like him, I have tended to shy away from asking for money, but he reminded me that we needed to feel confident in what we are doing, and unashamed to ask people to be a part of that.

The core principle, he said, is to remember that this is not about us.

“When I ask for money, I am not asking for myself. I am asking for the people of Papua New Guinea.”

That’s just the mindset and heart-attitude I need. While we need financial support, it’s not really for the Espinosas. It’s about an opportunity for us to dwell among, be in community with, and minister to people in Allendale County. It’s about following the call and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here’s the deal: the Osborns are going to bring the message and reality of the gospel to a people that has never heard it before, a people who have no resources or initiative to do get the gospel by themselves. God is at work there, and you should think about being on board with that. See their website to learn more about how and why you could to support them.

After you’ve thought about that, if you have an interest in supporting us, please email me so we can discuss how you can do that. We are thankful for the 18 individuals and families who have committed to support us monthly, (plus the dozen or so others who gave one-time gifts). These monthly gifts will range from $20 to $250.

We would love for you to be a part of what God is allowing us to do in Allendale.

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