Osborn Mission

One of the best parts of our mission to Allendale is that we can better understand and pray for missionaries. Of course, our path is far easier than most, but it is still nice to be able to empathize with others’ struggles.

I mean, we think that we are taking a “different way” by moving our family to Allendale, SC, but it is nothing compared to our friends Joseph and Elizabeth Osborn. For years now, they have been working on moving to Papua New Guinea, and will hope to make the move this summer, along with their three cute kids.

They feel called to preach the gospel, translate the Bible, and plant a church, to a people group who has no access to God’s word. You can read more about their mission on their website, Mission Osborn, and watch the video below.

We are so excited for them, and hope you are, too! If you are wondering why it’s important to send folks to unreached people groups, Kenny Conley justifies why he’s a missions snob — namely, that only 2% of missionaries and 1% of missions giving goes towards the 1.6 billion people who have no access to a Christian witness.

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