When You Give . . .

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I get a certain email around the middle of every month. And every time I open the attachment, I smile.

The sender doesn’t write many words. Just acknowledging the reason for sending it, and adding a few pleasantries.

But the crucial part is the attachment, which is the report** of the amount of donations given to Grace Church on our behalf. I am always encouraged and amazed by the number of people who believe so much in our mission, and the amount of money they all donated.

Blessings for the Giver

Whether or not you have supported us financially, you have given to some charities. And there are many reasons to do so.

Why have you given?

  1. Because God expects you to.
  2. Because you have been blessed, and you want to share that with others.
  3. Because it gives you good health and a long life
  4. Because you are morally compelled to help others.
  5. Because you expect that God will reward you in full, or more.

Blessings for the Receiver

But did you ever think about what it means to the receiver of your donations? When you give, you are doing more than helping provide for our physical needs.

When you give, you are joining God’s mission. And as Alex Early writes, God’s mission is not cheap.

When you give, you say, “We believe what you are doing is important.”

When you give, you are telling us, “Keep going. We are with you.”

When you give, you are not really giving to us; you are blessing the people in the Allendale community.

When you give, you make us praise the Father, Son, and Spirit.

When you give, . . . we say “Thank you.”

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**Two details to note:

  1. Not everyone who supports us financially goes through Grace Church, but most do.
  2. The report doesn’t list how much each individual gives, only the total amount.

**image courtesy of aeropw via sxc.hu

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