Uplifting Moments of the Week

Salk STEAM Camp 14June

With 90+ degree temperatures, we are in the dog days of the summer. But I was encouraged by these “cool” things that happened this week:

STEAM Camp:  This camp has been going on for over 10 years, but I’ve gotten to be a part the past two. I love seeing the students learn with hands on activities (robotics, art, dissections, technology, etc). And during the moments of free time, I love seeing them play and compete. It looks chaotic, but they are having so much fun being together. You can see more photos here.

STEAM Camp (again):  I saw some amazing teachers pour into students for a week. They inspired me by how they made education fun, while engaging the students on a personal level and maintaining discipline and structure.

Loved by our neighbor:  After being gone for a week, we came home Sunday to tall grass. Since I was working at STEAM Camp all week, I was wondering when I could get our grass cut (or rather, find someone to get it done). No worries. On Monday, I came home from work to find that a neighbor had cut it for me.

Loved by another parent:  On Tuesday, I was running some errands, including having to drop by the Chinese restaurant to give them information about feeding a mission trip team the following week. The mom offered me something to drink, and before I could refuse it, they handed me a Diet Coke. (Though I rarely buy drinks there, they remembered that I drink diet sodas.) Plus, they gave me a bad of pork dumplings for our family.

Love in the community:  I also learned that two of those Chinese children attended a VBS at a local church.

New summer program for children:  We witnessed and helped a new summer program in Allendale, located at the church where we did an after school program last year. The pastor and his wife re-started the after school program this past spring, and are excited to pour into children’s lives.

Students receiving guidance:  During the week, I saw a guidance counselor from the high school and a former football player, at USC-Salkehatchie.  She was helping him get enrolled at the school. This is the same lady that (on her own time) drove another football player to Virginia over spring break, to visit a top-notch school that he will now be attending this fall.

There are really great people in Allendale, and there are great things happening in this community. I am encouraged when I see people loving each other, and God blessed me by allowing me to experience and witness these moments this week.

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2 responses to “Uplifting Moments of the Week”

  1. Karen Swoap says :

    This is such an encouraging post! I wish that I could say that those things happen regularly here!!

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