Reason #28 Allendale Is Better Than Where You Live: Political Silence

White House

Is it just me, or does the Do Not Call list seem to be broken? I swear we listed our numbers on that several times, when we lived in Greenville and Allendale. And yet we still receive calls from telemarketers, solicitors, etc.

Disclaimer: I’ve discovered a positive use for some of these calls. Because of our last name, we regularly receive calls from Spanish-speaking telemarketers. And since we are learning Spanish, I have been using these phone intrusions as practice. I say things like,

  • Buenas tardes.
  • Soy caballero.
  • No me gusta.

But in light of our recent primary elections (and upcoming run-off elections), we’ve been reminded of another great benefit of living in Allendale, SC:

Almost ZERO political robo-calls during election time.

Why is this? I think for a couple of reasons:

  1. Small population. Very politicians will spend a lot of money in rural areas like Allendale County (population ca. 10,000, with an electorate that is less than half that size).
  2. Fixed political alliances.  Allendale is heavily Democratic (probably 75-80% of the electorate). And people tend to fall on one end or the other, with very little migration between the two political parties. For the most part, people vote for the party they’ve always voted for, and who their parents always voted for, and for who their parents . . . .

Therefore, politicians running for statewide and national offices wisely spend a minimal amount of time and resources in Allendale. And we are glad about that.

Are you dreading being inundated by political advertisements and phone calls this fall? Just move to Allendale by the end of the summer! The political silence is wonderful.

Maybe I should add this as seventh compelling reason you should move to Allendale?

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