Election 2012: Making Hope a Reality

I look back on my years in Greenville and wish I was more involved in a couple of areas: public schools and government. It’s not that I was completely disconnected. After all, we often schools fundraisers, I served as a mentor in an elementary school, and I voted in every election (including primaries) since 2000. I kept up with issues through the media, when it was convenient.

But though I participate in these ways, I didn’t really know what was going on deeply and personally. I never went to school board meetings, debates, or forums. I did a small part, but not to the point of sacrificial care.

That changed since we moved to Allendale in 2010. I’ve attended over 80% of the school board meetings. I’ve attended some Town Council meetings. I’ve have 1-on-1 conversations with many administrators and elected officials. I’m not just a moderate participant; I have become invested and involved.

Voter Education

Last Monday, I attended a Voter Education Forum in Allendale. Candidates for a range of positions were invited to present their platforms, and to field questions.

With the number of contested positions on the ballot — besides mayor, multiple Town Council, County Council, and School Board positions are being run for — I expect this election to be heated. And having a presidential election will bring out a high percentage of voters.

But due to confusion during recent redistricting in Allendale County, tempers and rumblings are already beginning to rise. Don’t rule out fight that will continue past November 6, especially if there is a close vote (or even if it’s not close).

The Candidates

You rarely hear me endorse any candidate at any level, from Town Council to President. More than likely, I’ll argue with you what I don’t like about your favorite, especially at the levels of Congress and President.

And I don’t know much about many of the folks running for office in Allendale. I try to stay away from murmurings I hear around town (and, trust me, there are plenty about everyone, including yours truly), and go with what I see.

But there is one person that I strongly and openly support — Lottie Lewis, who is running for re-election to the Allendale Town Council. Not only have I personally heard her passion for Allendale (as you can see in this video and read in this Lamentation for Allendale), but her passion is seen in her actions.

Lottie Lewis: “Making Hope a Reality”

“Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.”  Hebrews 11:1

When I think of Lottie (and her husband, Frank), two words come to mind — hope and work. Lottie has faith and hope, and this faith and hope drives her to continually work to make Allendale better for the citizens who live in this community.

Many of the candidates and other leaders here talk about their vision and love for Allendale, but few have their love proven by their actions (see James 2:17). Nearly every candidate had informational flyers at the meeting last week, but only Lottie’s was dominated by specific accomplishments and initiatives that she led.

Some of these accomplishments include:

  • Organizing and chairing the first neighborhood association in Allendale
  • Helping other communities to launch their own neighborhood associations
  • Conceived, designed, and championed the installation of the Pink Garden, in honor of cancer survivors, which was featured in Southern Living Magazine (March 2012)
  • Started the first Community Garden
  • Coordinates the annual Operation We Care Allendale workday
  • Initiated the Citizen of the Year program, to recognize unsung heroes

I could go on and on.

I like to argue, but it’s hard to argue against a person with such a proven track record. That’s why I’m supporting Lottie Lewis for Allendale Town Council, because she is actively making hope a reality.

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3 responses to “Election 2012: Making Hope a Reality”

  1. gwendolyn walker says :

    Well said Joey.

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