Allendale Video

This video was shown in our worship service this past weekend.  It’s a glimpse into how God is working through Grace Church to build partnerships there.

How can you be involved?  Here are four ways:

  1. Pray. God has to work to rescue the next generation.
  2. Give.  To Grace Church (write “Allendale” on the memo line), and also with supplies for the Boys & Girls Club.  Our funding comes almost entirely through donors, so we have to make supplies (from paper towels, to coloring pages, to craft supplies) stretch.  If you want to support us directly financially (the job with the Boys & Girls Club is part-time), email Jeff Randolph (
    1. Edit (2012): To give, see the Financial Support page
  3. Follow.  Become a Facebook friend of the Boys & Girls Club – Allendale County.  I’ll mostly update through this blog, so subscribe via email or RSS feeds.  We may also start some kind of e-newsletter; if you want to receive it, leave a comment with your email address (or email me).
    1. Edit (2012): Since I left the Boys & Girls Club, friend Elevate Allendale on Facebook.
  4. Come.  Consider what it looks like for you to visit Allendale and serve this community.  You would be most blessed if you could even spend a few hours down here.  Some of you have already, and I’m very thankful.

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