Why You Should Be a Part of Operation We Care Allendale, and Why You Shouldn’t

All skill levels are needed!

All skill levels are needed!

If you are from Greenville (SC), you are probably familiar with HOG Day, the largest single volunteer day in all of South Carolina. But did you know that Allendale has its own version of HOG Day?

From what I understand (but please correct me if I’m wrong), Operation We Care Allendale (OWCA) was launched by my friend Lottie Lewis, whose passion you can learn more about in this video and this lamentation. She yearns to see a greater Allendale, and for that change to come from the hearts and efforts of our own local citizenry.

Why Take Part in OWCA

OWCA is a volunteer day, where Ms. Lewis (and others) rally people to get out and do what they can to make our community better. And while we do not ask for hand-outs, we are asking for a helping hand.

Therefore, we also invite in others throughout the state to come alongside us, to show how much we all care about Allendale. A lot of this outside coordination has come through the loving efforts of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (CBF). Dozens of churches from all over the state have sent teams to participate and give that helping hand.

This year’s event is on Saturday, March 22. We would love to have you be a part. If you want more info, please do one of the following:

  • Leave a comment below, so I can follow up
  • Contact me in another way
  • Register via the CBF Events page

By taking part of this event, you will be making hope a reality.

Or Maybe Just Stay Home?

While I never rarely want to turn away volunteers, especially for a good cause such as OWCA, maybe you shouldn’t be a part of this. How’s that?

Let’s be clear — when you come to a place like Allendale to serve (what churches commonly call “missions”), you are accomplishing good things. You give locals encouragement, and you get done some much-needed work.

However, please don’t “do missions” with the idea that a once-a-year service project is really what is needed. To build up a community — and to change a community — relationships are needed, not completed task lists. I’ve written about 2 Common Mistakes in Missions:

  1. Putting tasks over relationships
  2. Working together instead of building relationships

Don’t make those same mistakes.

Be a Part

Yes, I want you to come be a part of OWCA, mostly to encourage folks like Lottie Lewis. And I’m not asking for a life-long commitment. But I would like you to come with an open mind, that perhaps this event will be a catalyst for you to build longer-term relationships with great people in Allendale. Perhaps this event will be the starting point for true missional relationships, not the culmination of a few months of planning.

Take advantage of this opportunity, but don’t limit yourself to just this one day.

Edit: Check out some pictures, and my positive impressions, from this day.

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