My (Much) Better Half

If you’re my Facebook friend, or if you follow me on Twitter, you know the fun things that I get to be involved in. You might have read how I’ve been able to:

  • Eat lunch with elementary students
  • Give rides to football players after practice, or if they’ve missed the bus
  • Tear a tendon in my knuckle at football practice (ok, this is not such a fun thing)
  • Hang out at a teenager’s house, watching “Good Times” with his grandfather
  • Talk to pastors and other community leaders about a vision for Allendale
  • Get (and give) encouraging comments from (and to) school staff members
  • Get involved in prison ministry
  • Help some football players with homework
  • Teach a kid to tie a tie

I get a lot of the “glory” (if you will) of our family adventure in Allendale. But if all you get is this info, you’re missing out on at least half of what’s going on with the Espinosa family.

In the past couple of months, here are a few of the things that my wife Joanna has done to support our family, to engage this community, and to advance God’s kingdom:

  • Homeschool our 3 kids
  • Help our kids work on memorizing the book of James
  • Take care of our kids on her own every day until late in the evening, when I finally get home from practice (or games)
  • Sit through every home football game (varsity and JV), no matter the weather or how much she understands football
  • Volunteer at an after school program once per week
  • Having neighborhood kids over after school, for homework help, snacks, and play
  • Do behind-the-scenes preparatory work for teachers in the schools
  • Drive to Columbia to enter artwork of local children in the State Fair
  • Drive back to Greenville for our kids’ doctor appointments
  • Pick up kids (whose mom works out of town) from chorus practice
  • Go shopping with our daughter when Hannah was invited to her first birthday party in Allendale
  • Allow me to attend weekend and evening meetings, when I’m sure she’d much rather have me at home

I’m thankful to God for my wife; she’s my best friend, and my partner in this adventure.

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6 responses to “My (Much) Better Half”

  1. gwendolyn walker says :

    Amen. , beside every good man there’s a good woman.

  2. Lydia Maloney says :

    You have a good one for sure..and she does as well. Blessed to know and love you both.

  3. Karen Heath Allen says :

    I have often thought about what a wonderful wife you have Joey! Glad to see her getting some cudos! I LOVE the picture!!!

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