Reason #29 Allendale Is Better Than Where You Live: Traffic Suggestions

Sign Do Not Enter SchoolI am not a rule breaker by any means. A rule bender maybe. But not breaker.

Even the times when it’s convenient and logical to break bend a law, I still try to follow the rules of the road. You know, like when you’re stopped at a red light at 11 PM, and there are no cars around, and you’re just trying to get home, and surely no one will get hurt or even notice . . . . Well, it’s wonderful that Allendale has only five traffic signals.

And I get that our laws (whether we agree with them or not) are here to protect us. That’s great.

But sometimes it’s nice (as it is in Allendale) when:

Traffic laws are more like traffic suggestions.

No, I’m not recommending that you try to beat the trains at train crossings. (Yes, I’ve done that.) And I’m not recommending that you speed through town (and, yes, I’ve done that, too).

Here’s what I’m talking about:

  • Stopping your cars in the middle of the road, to have a conversation with someone coming from the other direction. This is socially acceptable, and you rarely back up traffic. In a city, you risk your life trying to wave to friends in traffic. Here you can stop and have an entire conversation!
  • Stopping your car in the middle of a road, even a “major” highway, to pick up or drop off a friend (or a hitchhiker). Yes, I’ve done this, too.
  • Park on a street in the opposite direction of traffic. This happens all the time in my neighborhood.Cars Backwards
  • Park in the medians of side streets. This is helpful during events like Operation We Care, though it’s a bit unnerving for people visiting our county.
  • Ignoring Do Not Enter and One Way signs around the schools, when “everyone” knows that those traffic patterns are not (usually) followed anymore.
  • Semi-ignoring (at your own risk) the School Speed Zone times, because those flashing lights are set to a school day schedule that has not been used for two years.

If you feel that common knowledge (and convenience) is more important than legal knowledge, you will feel right at home in Allendale.

(HT to my friend Karen who suggested this reason.)

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