Summer Reading Programs

FPCHHI AES Books 14May

Thanks to the generosity of First Presbyterian Church of Hilton Head, students in Allendale will have more books in their hands. (Remember this church? A couple of years ago, they sponsored a beach trip for 60 students from Allendale.)

Volunteer and staff leaders from this church started collecting books a couple of months ago, and wound up with enough to donate 400 to each of three elementary schools (Allendale, Fairfax, and Estill Elementary Schools). Plus, there were another couple of hundred books that they were able to give to the high school.

ASCD summer readingThese books will be able to go home with the elementary students. Studies show that access to books is an inexpensive but effective way for under-resourced children to build their literary skills over the summer. See the photo to the right, which I clipped from a recent issue of Educational Leadership.

“A three-year Florida study found that providing free books to primary students over the summer was as effective as summer school in boosting reading achievement.”

Of course, personal encouragement and interaction can improve the results even more. But every bit helps, and each of us can do our part!

Thanks again to this church for their commitment to students in Allendale (and for their continued work with students in Hampton and Jasper Counties)!

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