Connecting Allendale, Summer Camp, and You


My son Elijah is excited about going to Camp Grace Rock Band camp, in less than a month. And he’s excited that five of his friends from Allendale want to come, too.

Read the story of one of his friends, Ardoine (“Doc”), who made a connection at a spring break camp that went beyond sports or activities. It was a connection with a Grace Church member, Ryan Voelkert.

Elevate Camp 2014 Elijah Voelkert“The reason we tell stories like this is not to promote Spring Break Camp in Allendale or Elementary Camp in Greenville. If we’re honest, a week at camp is not going to change a child’s life forever.

We tell these stories because they reflect the importance behind the Espinosa’s and Grace’s involvement in Allendale. Through the avenue of camps, a boy in Allendale gets connected with a family in Greenville.

The children in this family learn that friendships don’t have to depend on similarities in circumstance, race, or demographics. Lasting relationships are built. The gospel gets shared. Life change happens.

All because of a willingness to be a part of a community instead of coming in from the outside.”

That is exactly why we think camps are important.

You can read the full article on the Grace Church Pastor’s Blog or the Grace Church Kids Blog.

Will you support a camp experience for a child from Allendale?

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