The Surprisingly Simple Way You Can Start Living on Mission for God

A couple of weeks ago, I shared the story of Elevate Spring Break camp – how it came to be and what we’ve done with it. I hope that you see that this event may have originated from us with a simple thought and question, but that it was made a reality by a larger community.

A few months ago, as we were reflecting on our 3+ years in Allendale, my wife remarked, “We really haven’t done anything too difficult here.”

She’s right. For all the times when people try to give us credit or praise, or when people ask us what legacies (programs, initiatives, leaders) we are leaving behind, we have to remember why we moved here:

  • To be a part of the community
  • To work with kids
  • To be “feet on the ground” to help others get connected

And we have to remember how all of this started. It started in January 2010, when my wife and I went away to discuss the life adventure that God had for us. We left that weekend knowing our mission from God:

Through exhortation and serving, to equip the next generation
including in our family, our church, our culture, and our world.

We were already equipping children in our family and our church. But the last two categories (culture and world) were basically untouched by us. So, we did one simple thing: we asked God to show us how we could be involved with children in our culture and world.

One year later, I was working in Allendale, SC.

A Simple Question

The adventure of our last 3.5 years (and the adventure that is before us) was catalyzed by a simple question: “God, what do we need to do next?”

And that leads me to the question I want to leave you with today:

“What simple thing could you start doing to live on mission for God, and to bless someone else?”

Maybe it’s something hands-on, like mentoring a child in a school. Maybe it’s committing to volunteer at an after school program, or going on a mission trip. Maybe you need to do something to engage your neighbors or your co-workers.

Or maybe (especially if you are like us and have been doing hands-on stuff for a while), you need to work harder to get others involved. Maybe you can be more of a connector of people and ideas.

I don’t know what the answer is for you, but God does. And I know this: You need to Just Do Something. If this is new for you, start small, and start simple. Take action and get the ball going.

But before you start anything start with a simple prayer. It was a simple prayer and question that led us to start Elevate Spring Break Camp (“What would it take to make it happen?”). And before that, it was a simple prayer and question (over 4 years ago) that led us to Allendale.

So now it’s your turn. Ask God this question,

“Lord, what is it that You would have me do next? How have you equipped and impassioned me? What would it look like for me to take one step of faith, so that You could be glorified, and so that others could be blessed, through my life?”

You’ll be surprised how simple it is. And you may be surprised by how He answers. And you’ll definitely be surprised by the vast blessings of living on mission for God.

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