A Need for Rest

bed_messy everystockphoto llamafloor

Sometimes, you gotta’ pull back.

I’m terrible at fearful of “social media fasts.” After all, I may be missing something important. (As if nothing important happened in life prior to February 2004).

And my pride tells me, “Everyone else brags about their social media fasts. Don’t do it, or everyone thinks you’ll be a follower.” (As if everything I do is something new under the sun.)

Along the same lines, I don’t often take breaks from blogging, for two reasons:

  1. It is a great outlet for all these thoughts that bounce around in my scattered brain.
  2. People might stop caring if I stop writing. (There goes my fear and pride again.)

But, I will be taking a break from blogging for about a week. And the only social media posting I will do is whatever I already have loaded up in my Buffer account.

You probably won’t miss me, since there are plenty of smarter people for you to follow. But I at least want to you know that I haven’t disappeared from the planet.

I’ll be back in touch towards the end of next week.

**image courtesy of llamafloor via everystockphoto and flickr


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