2 Things that Bug Me Among Christian Bloggers

drosophila-melanogaster-side foter cc_by_sa25

I have a choice to make: I can either keep this brief, or I can stay on my soapbox for at least 1500 words.

I’ll choose the former. For now.

So, here are 2 things that have been bugging me recently on the interwebs. I won’t point out specific examples, but if you’ve seen these happen, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

First, Christian bloggers who use profanity liberally. I’m not saying that I haven’t used foul language, but not throughout an entire conversation or blog. Many readers perceive this as “cool” and “raw” and “authentic.” At the least, I think it’s lazy. Because when a “curse word” can be used as four different parts of speech, perhaps it’s time to invest in a thesaurus. And at worst, it’s appealing to a carnal nature. I’m not saying that we should be fake, but perhaps we should be more concerned with our hearts that are the source of our words.

And second, Christian bloggers (and those on social media) who try to appeal to the the un-churched by dragging down the church. “Yeah, you’re frustrated with the church? Me, too. A bunch of people who sit in fancy buildings, but aren’t making the world a better place. Come on. Let’s get coffee and create a Facebook page about this.” Again this is lazy, and appeals to a carnal nature.

Let’s step up our conversation.

That’s all.

What about you? Anything bugging you lately? Here’s your free pass to vent.

Photo credit: Foter / CC BY-SA

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