Eleuthera Mission Trip


I’m going to the Bahamas, and I need your help.

No, not the “Bahamas” that you’re thinking of. Well, probably not.

In less than 5 weeks, I will be going on an overseas mission trip to Eleuthera, a long, skinny, and barely populated island east of Nassau. I will be a part of a team of 20+ men from Grace Church, in a trip that is a combination of service and a training camp.

This will be my third overseas mission trip, after going to Nicaragua (March 2003) and Kenya (November 2007). My wife went on a mission trip to Eleuthera in May 2010. And all this comes after I thought I’d never go on a mission trip, since I Hate Roughing It.

In fact, this culturally engaged opportunity will include all these aspects:

  1. Training. Each day of Training Camp will consist of personal study time, as well as training sessions in which we learn what it means to be missional.
  2. Shepherding. Pastors and leaders from Grace Church will help guide each of us through our individual role in God’s mission.
  3. Community. This trip will be unique in that it will be a team of all men, who will train, work, and fellowship together. To be honest, I’m looking forward to some deep male-bonding.
  4. Cross-cultural. In conjunction with local leaders, we will have a chance to connect relationally with Haitian and Bahamian people on the island, aw we work, play, and worship alongside them.

During this short 5-day trip, we will partner with and learn from our friends who have moved there, the Doster family. Additionally, since we are in a season of trying to figure out what God has next for us, I believe that the principles I learn during the teaching portion will help me get and stay oriented to God’s bigger purpose for our lives. We are all (not just official “missionaries”) called to live on mission, wherever we are.

I’m excited about this trip, and I am asking you to support and encourage me through financial support and/or prayer.

  • Financial Support. Since I already have an account with Grace Church for our missionary support, I have already transferred the needed $675 from my Allendale account to cover the cost for this trip. If you want to support me financially, you could donate to my Allendale / Missionary account. (Please DO NOT give anything to me with “Espinosa Bahamas Trip” or “Espinosa Eleuthera Trip” on the memo line.) See our Financial Support page for more details. Any amount up will be appreciated, and will support our family.
  • Prayer Support. Please pray for us on this trip, in these areas:
    • Safety in travel
    • Humility that we would go to learn and serve, not teach and direct
    • Unity for our team
    • Encouragement for the Dosters
    • The Gospel to be made known
    • Meaningful relationships with the locals

Thanks for your partnership, not just for us but for the entire team as well.

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