Salkehatchie Stew: What Matters Most

Salk Stew 2013 with big fat

Do you want to be entertained while you also learn about the history and culture of Allendale?

Then come see this year’s production of Salkehatchie Stew!

Salkehatchie Stew (more affectionately known as “Salk Stew” in these parts) is an annual musical which changes its storyline each year. There is a main story (this year, it’s the true life story of our friend and neighbor, Mrs. Anne Rice), interspersed among other real and could-be-real scenes.

This year’s play is titled “What Matters Most.” Once again, my wife and kids will perform. Once again, I will cheer them on.

The cast has been working hard to put on another great performance. We hope that you can come to a show!

You can pick from any of these locations and dates (all shows begin at 3 PM):

Please let us know if you want to come to one of these shows. We’d love to see you, and maybe even host you!

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2 responses to “Salkehatchie Stew: What Matters Most”

  1. Linda Ott says :

    Joey, Cindy Hurst is a good friend of mine, and we work together on the Salk Stew writing entries in Bamberg. I hope I can make it to see your family at the Denmark site. Yours in Christ, Linda

    • joeyespinosa says :

      That’s great! I didn’t know that you helped with the stories. I shouldn’t be surprised, though.

      That would be great if you could see them. I won’t make it that weekend, though. But you met my family back in 2011, and we have talked about you on occasion (all good, of course).

      God bless!

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