Balancing Your Time: Up, In, Out

up-in-out-vinn-diagram Verge

This is a simple diagram, but it summarizes everything you need to know about balancing your time.

  • UP:  Time spent focusing on God
  • IN:  Time spent focusing on others in the body of Christ
  • OUT:  Time spent focusing on those who don’t know Jesus yet

Jesus modeled this balance, and we should live it out in our families, churches, small groups, etc, so that we can have a true culture of disicpleship.

Take out one of these areas, and we’re left with social activism, event Christianity, or secteric closed systems. Focus on one area too much, and we are even further from discipleship.

Where do you need more focus — UP, IN, or OUT?

(HT: Mike Breen, Verge Network)

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