I Want to Talk to You

microphone Mustafa Khayat

Three years ago today, I started working in Allendale, SC. Since then, we’ve learned a lot about ourselves, our community, and about the God who made us all.

And I want to talk to you about what we’ve learned and experienced.

I don’t intend to become a professional blogger or speaker. Instead of making communication (blogging and speaking) my main ministry, I view my writing and conversations as tools to support our ministry. And I’ve enjoyed doing both writing and speaking.

It’s evident that writing blogs has become a significant part of my ministry, and my life. More than 1000 blog posts over the past three years, when you count this blog and my parenting blog. Plus, you can throw in a couple of hundred more posts on this blog that I launched when I was on staff at Grace Church.

A few months ago, as I was reflecting on our time in Allendale, God brought to mind all the times I was asked to speak in front of groups. I have been thankful for these wonderful opportunities to share what God has been teaching us and what He’s been doing in our lives.

Since we’ve been here, I have made myself available to speak to groups, but only passively so. Now, as Our Season in Allendale winds to a close, I want to be more active in seeking speaking engagements. I want to continue sharing God’s story.

I created a Speaking page, where I list times and topics that I have spoken on. And I’d love to talk with you, too. It could be with individuals or with a large group, or something in between. It could be an informal or formal setting, or something in between. And you could pay me nothing or $5000, or something in between.

I want to do this as a way to serve you and others you know, and as a way to bring glory to God in this adventure that we are on.

To learn more, check out the Speaking page, or just contact me.

**image courtesy of Mustafa Khayat via flickr


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2 responses to “I Want to Talk to You”

  1. Karen says :

    I think you will be great at this Joey! Best of luck to you and your lovely family, you all have really touched a lot of people in Allendale.

    • joeyespinosa says :

      Thanks, Karen. It really has been a blessing for us. And I’m excited about staying in touch with our Allendale friends, and helping to serve (and learn) elsewhere. Wherever that may be!

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