Top 5 Books I Read in 2013 (Bonus: 3 More That Helped Me Be a Better Parent)

Top Books 2013I completed 20 books last year, one more than I did last year. Some of them were short, but that is balanced out with some longer ones (and some that I forced myself to finish).

If you are looking for some books to read this year, may I suggest a few?

My Top 5

It was hard to narrow down the list to my favorites, but here is my best shot.

  1. Teaching with Poverty in Mind.  This resource has been eye-opening for me, helping to better understand children who are growing up in poverty. I have written about this book several times on this blog (including Poverty, Stress, and the Brain; Teachers and Coaches: Relationships Matter; and more), and I heard author Eric Jensen speak at a conference in March. If you are working with children and youth in poverty, you must read this book.
  2. The In-Between.  If you struggle with being still and embracing the mundane moments of life (which comprise most of our days), Jeff Goins wrote the perfect book for you. A very quick read, but is probably better if you take it in slowly. I will have a review of this book published soon. (Edit: Here it is.)
  3. A Slave of Circumstance.  A history of Allendale (SC) over the last 50 years, by Reverend James Brewton. You can read my glowing review.
  4. Don’t Make Me Count to Three!  I had this book (by Ginger Plowman) on my shelf for years. I wish I had read it long ago, but I’m glad I finally did. Another book that I haven’t published a review of, yet. (Edit: Here it is.)
  5. Leading a Special Needs Ministry.   If you have a special needs ministry in your church, or you are looking to start one, you can’t find a better resource than what Amy Fenton Lee has provided. You can check out my longer review here.

To buy any of these books, just click on the link on the book title.

Other Books That Helped Me Be a Better Parent

Though they didn’t make my top 5, the following books helped me be a better parent:

  • Case for Faith (Student Edition).  My review of this book was one of the top posts on my parenting blog for 2013. My daughter and I read this book together, and spent time talking about each chapter.
  • Let’s Talk about Sex.  Series of talking with your kids about sex.
  • Lord of the Rings.  Elijah & I read this trilogy, and then we all watched the movies.

Some of these books equipped me to be a better parent, while the Lord of the Rings trilogy was just a fun way to connect with my children, especially my sons. They all helped me engaged my children on a more meaningful level.

What great books did you read last year? Let us know in the comments.

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4 responses to “Top 5 Books I Read in 2013 (Bonus: 3 More That Helped Me Be a Better Parent)”

  1. Brian says :

    Thanks for the list…I see two right away I will look to pick up.

    You mentioned reading with Elijah, y’all reading out loud or at same time and then discussing?

    • joeyespinosa says :

      That’s great, Brian. Have you started reading that book on the theology of missions? I forgot the name, but I put it on my “wish list” last fall.

      I’ve read out loud to my kids before, and do it now some. But it was faster to go through these books (especially Lord of the Rings) separately, and then talk afterwards.

  2. cellenbogen says :

    I’ve added #1 to my list.

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