Top 5 Posts in 2013

We are settling back in from a month of lots of travel. I thought today would be a good time to highlight the top posts on this blog from 2013 (as I did for the top posts from my other blog).

If you missed any of these, I hope you will enjoy catching up:

#5.  “That Lady I Was Telling You About”

Can 45 minutes a week be meaningful to a child? Read this and you’ll find out.

#4.  Just Do Something

If our child needed help, we wouldn’t accept these excuses. So why do we give them?

#3.  Our Engagement

Written in 2012, it’s one of my favorite stories from Allendale. In it, I am reminded of the power of consistent relationships with children, and the need for positive role models.

#2.  Unwanted

A guest post from a friend of mine, who is a HUGE advocate of fostering and adoption.

#1.  Angry Boys

Also written in 2012, this post was also last year’s favorite. If you have never read it, please do so. (And then buy the book that I got the idea from.)


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