8 Bad Reasons to Become a Missionary

No_sign_Right wikimediaAbout three years ago, Joanna and I visited Allendale, with two leaders from Grace Church. It was the first step towards me, my wife, and our kids moving to this community. Though we didn’t understand it at the time, we were about to become missionaries.

We’ve learned a lot since then. We look back, and we recall successes and mistakes over the past three years. And some of those mistakes include our motivations for taking the step that we did. Some of our purposes where from God, but I think we had some wrong motives as well.

A few months ago, a friend (and fellow missionary) sent me an old article, called 8 Reasons You Should Never Become a Missionary. Laura Parker writes that you should never become a missionary . . .

  1. if you think you are going to change the world.
  2. to make yourself better.
  3. if you think you have the answers and the nationals don’t.
  4. if you can’t hack transition.
  5. if you think you are really pretty great, spiritually-speaking.
  6. if you think living on support is cake.
  7. if you aren’t willing to change.
  8. to find cool friends.

Read the full article to hear her personal reflections. (For the record, I have struggled with all 8 of these points at one time or another, and am currently wrestling with at least three of them.)

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2 responses to “8 Bad Reasons to Become a Missionary”

  1. Lee Cunningham says :

    Hey man – thanks for the good words. Timely, since I am finally making the big move the first week in January! Let me know if you guys are in Greenville between now and then… I would love to get together.

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