Poverty Poll

My month of “reduced” blogging is done, since I was working on my novel (almost done!). Now that most of that writing is done, as well as football season, I hope to catch my breath a little this month. Thanks for giving me that leeway.

I did want to follow up with a poll from last month, where I asked you to give Just One Word that comes to mind when you think of poverty. Thanks to the 112 people who contributed.


As a prompt, I gave 9 choices of words that I felt were most common. Of those 9 choices, the most common selected were:

  1. hopeless (20.5%)
  2. weak / powerless (12.5%)
  3. money / wealth (9.8%)

Almost half of the people who took the poll choose “Other” and wrote in their own words. The top write-ins were:

  1. sad (4.5%)
  2. poor (3.6%)
  3. despair (3.6%)
  4. hunger / hungry (3.6%)

Thanks for taking the time to think through this issue!

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