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For at least a year, leaders in the school have been talking about doing more open forums in the community. Besides the monthly Board Meetings (where minimal public discourse is allowed), there have been a couple of other forums on the specific topic of the school facilities.

I’m excited to announce an upcoming School – Community Forum, on Tuesday, December 3, at 6:30 PM. This event, sponsored by our neighborhood association, will be held at the Brandt Building in Allendale.

While some in the community may use this as an opportunity to express frustrations, our goal is that people “Come with questions, not complaints.” In addition, we are excited to have the superintendent and school board members present, in order to:

  • Have more open dialogue between the schools and the community
  • Answer questions that community members may have
  • Cast a vision for what the community can do to support the students in the school district

If you live in Allendale, we look forward to seeing you there. And please help spread the word!

I’d love to hear from you in the comments: Have you ever been to a school board meeting? Where and how many times?

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