A Special Thanks

AF Football

Dr. Roger Nunn is the only doctor who lives and works in Allendale. Not only does he take care of many citizens here (including me and my family), he also volunteers his time in a number of areas:

  • I’ve seen him doing yard work for various neighbors, even cutting my front lawn on his riding mower.
  • He sings in the church choir and serves as a deacon.
  • He leads the local Kairos Prison Ministry, and convinced me to be involved there.

And if that wasn’t enough, he also has been volunteering as the football team doctor since the middle of last season. He has come to every game, including taking long road trips after a full day of work, and even skipping an anniversary date to make a game (I’m sure Ms. Nunn was ok with that, right?)

Our head coach has been wanting to show his appreciate for Dr. Nunn’s selfless service. Last week, during our first-round playoff game, Dr. Nunn was presented with a game ball that was signed by Coach Ford and the football team. Before giving him this award, the announcer read these words of thanks:

The Allendale-Fairfax High School football team would like to recognize Dr. Roger Nunn. Since last football season, Dr. Nunn has volunteered his time to give medical attention to the football team.

Whether we have had home games or away games, he has been on the sidelines and the field taking care of the players’ injuries. And he also checks in on the team mid-week, to help these young men get healthy and back on the field again.

Because of his dedicated service to the Allendale-Fairfax Tigers, the staff and players would like to present him with a game ball.

Please join us in thanking Dr. Roger Nunn with a round of applause.

We the coaching staff know that this gift was just a small token of our appreciation. We are appreciative of his support, as are all the parents and community members. It was cool for me to see the crowd react with wild applause the entire time that the announcement was read. You’d have thought he’d just scored the winning touchdown.

Hopefully, after tonight’s game, we’ll have at least one more week this season for Dr. Nunn to take care of our team!


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2 responses to “A Special Thanks”

  1. Anonymous says :

    You are a wonderful person and doctor. This is such a great tribute to your timeless character and selflessness. I’m so glad that you and your family are doing so well. Have a blessed Thanksgiving and a beautiful Christmas season.

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