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This month, I will write a book. Because I will be putting so much time and effort into this, I will have to reduce or cut out so much else in my life.

One of the things I will reduce is the amount of time I spend blogging in November. So, for this month, my blogs will be a mix of:

  • very short posts
  • links to articles and videos
  • re-worked old posts
  • guest posts
  • anything else that won’t take me much time

No doubt that this month will be different, fun, challenging, and draining.

Here’s something you can do for me. Think about this: When you hear the word POVERTY, what is the first word that comes to mind?

Please take the quick poll below and answer this question. And please share this post, since I’d love to get a large number of answers (the scientist in me likes lots of data points). All you have to do is share this post, and say something like, “My friend is doing this poll. Please help a brother out.”

Thanks for your help!

To learn more about what poverty is (and to buy the best book I know of on this topic), check out How Would You Define (and Solve) Poverty?

Edit: See the results of the Poverty Poll.


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