The Seeds of Partnership

Seed Art 2013

This past summer, we helped the Recreation Department with a week-long camp. It was the second summer in a row that we led the Soccer and Arts & Crafts camp, held at Fairfax Elementary School.

We don’t know much about soccer (even though we’ve done two years of Spring Break Soccer Camps), but we love kids, and we love to support other programs in Allendale.

As a part of this camp, we worked with the local Clemson Extension office, to do “Seed Art” as part of the craft time. Seed art is a 4H program, where you use various seeds to create artwork. The artwork from this area can then be entered in the Orangeburg County Fair. (You may remember that we did this a couple of years ago.)


At the Orangeburg County fair, the entries are judged and prizes are given out to the top pieces from each county. Since this camp was the only program in Allendale that did Seed Art this year, all of the local winners were a part of our soccer camp!

Here are some pictures of some of the winners:

Senior Division

You’shi Kirkland (3rd place), Courtney Owens (1st place). Not pictured: Rachel Deer (2nd place).

Seed Art 2013 Teenager

Junior Division

Ziyan Owens (tie – 1st place), Caleb Capers (tie – 3rd place), Elijah Espinosa (tie – 2nd place), Hannah Espinosa (tie – 2nd place). Not pictured: Chad Gantt (tie – 1st place), Antwan Gill (tie – 3rd place).

Seed Art 2013 Junior

Cloverbud Division

Malachi Flowers (2nd place), Malachi Williams (3rd place). Not pictured: Chase Gantt (1st place).

Seed Art 2013 Cloverbud

Students who received participation awards: Cameren Williams, Ajace Gill, Sender Espinosa.


Besides seeing the pure joy of the students who won a few bucks each (you’d think it was a few thousand dollars), we loved that this camp’s success came through a partnership of so many people.

  • Lori Joyner, Director of Allendale County Parks and Recreation, and her staff
  • Karissa Ulmer (Clemson Extension, 4H)
  • Teenagers from out of town (including Conley Blair, other guys from Grace Church, and a young lady from Community Bible Church – Savannah)
  • A college student from this area, who is studying Early Childhood Education at Bob Jones University
  • Three young men who play football for me

Thanks to everyone who helped these “seeds of partnership” grow!

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