Book Donations: Thank You!

corner_image_mentor_leaderEarlier this month, I asked if anyone would consider donating copies of the book The Mentor Leader. I was overwhelmed at the response.

I asked for 20 copies, and people offered to help quicker than I could check my email and Facebook messages. Wow!

In fact, the response was so great that we have more books than I asked for. And that doesn’t include the money that I was sent in order to buy additional copies.

So here’s the new plan:

  • Bring 20-ish copies to the prison, to work through it with some of the coordinators and leaders of the CHU program. (We’ll start this in January, after we complete “A Man and His Work” — which we begin tomorrow.)
  • Give a copy to each of 3 or 4 young men that I coach in football, and we’ll start going through it after football season ends. I’m especially thinking of some guys who are leaders in the high school’s Junior ROTC program, and with whom I’ve already had some leadership conversations.
  • Hold on to the surplus money, and use it to buy books for the guys in the prison, after we finish The Mentor Leader. They are hungry to grow as men and as leaders.

For anyone who donated to this specific cause, or has supported us financially, we want to let you know how thankful we are. You are a vital part of life-changing opportunities in Allendale.

In the comments below, please answer this question: Can you recommend any books on leadership or mentoring, which would be good for group discussion?

Edit: You can read about our study in the prison in Mentor Leadership in Prison.

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2 responses to “Book Donations: Thank You!”

  1. Beth says :

    When I think leadership, I think John Maxwell. “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: Follow Them and People Will Follow You” looks like a good one (though I’ve not personally read it, but other Maxwell books & studies)

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