Education Articles (Mid-Summer Edition)

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Here are some recent articles I’ve read. If you are involved or interested in education, I think you’ll find them informative.

Physical Activity at School Boosts Grades.  I remember having lots of recess and physical education when I was in elementary and middle school. However, with No Child Left Behind emphasizing math and reading, time allotted to physical fitness has diminished. Besides being important for physical health, physical activity also leads to improved brain performance. “Even a single bout of exercise changes blood flow to important areas of the brain and helps children with cognition and memory.”

Students Learn by Explaining.  Asking students “Why?” or “How?” not only helps you determine if they know the answer, it also cements concepts in their minds. This technique lays a foundation to prepare them for more advanced subject matter.

Quality vs Quantity Time in Schools.  More classroom hours can be beneficial, but only if those hours are quality hours. Skeptical? Look at the example of Finland, “which tops international tests comparing student achievement, [and whose] students spend hundreds of hours fewer in the classroom than do students in Minnesota.”

“Redshirting” in Kindergarten.  Delaying children from starting school is a controversial idea. Interestingly, it is more common in high-income families, but the benefits are more dramatic for children from poverty.

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