8 Pictures and 2 Videos from Two Weeks of Camps

I gave a Mid-Summer Update for what our busy June looked like. But maybe you’d like to see some pictures.

(Of course, you can stay up-to-date with a lot of what we do by Liking Elevate Allendale on Facebook, and following @ElevateKids on Twitter.)

Building and programming robots at STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math) Camp

STEAM 2013 Robots

Building Circuits at STEAM Camp

STEAM 2013 Science

Perspective Drawings at STEAM Camp

STEAM 2013 Art

She’s not so sure about touching this snake, but I’m proud of her for doing it!

STEAM 2013 Snake

I don’t have any pictures of VBS at Allendale Baptist Church, but here is some sidewalk artwork by Sender in front of the church building

Elevate 2013 ABC Sidewalk Chalk

We didn’t help with this sports camp, but they borrowed some of our equipment. We’ll take credit for it.

CBC 2013 Sports

Music Class at Elevate Summer Camp

Elevate Summer 2013 CBC_Music

Some of the great t-shirts that children made at Elevate Summer Camp

Elevate Summer 2013 CBC_Shirts

A fun stop-motion video by Community Bible Church (Savannah, GA) about their week in Allendale.

Allendale 2013 from CBC Savannah on Vimeo.

And a more “serious” video by CBC.

Allendale, SC Mission 2013 from CBC Savannah on Vimeo.

We are so thankful for everyone who has already has been working in Allendale, SC this summer!

Today we begin our second week of Elevate Summer Camp, with support from Grace Church (Greenville, SC), while my wife also finishes up helping with summer school. And next week, we’ll help out with a Soccer and Arts & Crafts camp led by the Recreation Department.

The fun continues!

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2 responses to “8 Pictures and 2 Videos from Two Weeks of Camps”

  1. Karen says :

    Wow! I loved the stop action video from CBC, Savannah, and the “serious” video as well. What a wonderful surprise to see Jacob Collins in it! I’m really happy to see that other churches are involved with “what God is doing in Allendale” as their youth pastor said. What a wonderful, wonderful summer for the kids there in Allendale. Thanks for sharing!

    • joeyespinosa says :

      Yeah, that video was my favorite thing. They have some really talented folks in that church, and it IS great to see others getting involved in Allendale.

      There have been lots of churches and organizations that have worked in Allendale, but not many have had a relationship / partnership focus. I’m thankful for churches like Grace & CBC!

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