“Anything You Want”

Football Camp 13June

Have you ever been given an open door to be a part of an opportunity? How did it make you feel?

Last week, I brought some Allendale guys to a football camp at Furman University. My old position coach (Bruce Fowler) is now the head coach there. When I asked him if I could watch the practices so I can learn, he told me, “Joey, you can do anything you want.”

At the first practice, I noticed that one drill had two coaches, but three groups of players. I asked one of the coaches if I could help, and he said, “That would be great. Please do.”

Later that week I made an impromptu visit to the Frazee Center to see the start of their summer camp. I apologized to the director for not giving advance notice and just barging in. He replied, “Come by anytime. We might put you to work.”

At most of the schools in Allendale, I have asked the principals if I could regularly come in and have lunch with students. The usual answer I get is, “Come in anytime you want, Coach.”

At the prison where I have been serving, I am able to walk around to different buildings unescorted. I was hesitant at first, but now I don’t give it much thought as I walk across “the yard” and talk to residents.

I believe I have been given these opportunities for the purposes of God and by the graciousness of others. But having so many opportunities to do ministry gives me this nagging question:

Am I making the most of all these opportunities?  After all, God will hold me accountable for the resources and opportunities that He has blessed me with.

And He’ll do the same for you. So ask yourself, “Am I making the most of the opportunities that God has given me?”

“The possession of great power necessarily implies great responsibility.” Voltaire

“Everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required, and from him to whom they entrusted much, they will demand the more.” Luke 12:48

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6 responses to ““Anything You Want””

  1. Terri says :

    Joey, I love hearing the stories about all the incredible things God has done and is continuing to do in the lives of the folks in Allendale. Many times out of your sacrificial availability to them.

    Although I have to tell you a little red flag went up when I read your challenge to yourself to make the most of your many opportunities. On one hand, I say, “YES! Go for it!” But the other hand involves discerning what are the most vital roles & relationships you need to pour yourself into. Which ones can only be done by you, at this time, in this place? Are there other people you need to draw into involvement, rather than broadening the responsibilities you are carrying?

    Take it for what it’s worth, but be wise to not let yourself be spread too thin. Speaking from experience, you’ll end up exhausted & not very effective in any of your efforts. I really think you’ve probably already evaluated things from this perspective, but I would be disobedient to stay silent & not point out what I read between the lines. I’d love to hear your thoughts in return.

    • joeyespinosa says :

      Thanks so much for your encouragement, and for your thoughts and questions.

      I think you are right. And those are things I need to keep in mind. But it’s a struggle, you know. There is a constant inner push to do more, and I have to remember (or be reminded by friends like you) that I need to stay in the lane that God has for me.

      But even so, I think my main thought is not about getting more opportunities, but being intentional with the ones I have. That is, when I do have lunch with kids in the schools, I don’t just need to sit & eat quietly or check my email on my phone. I need to make the most of the opportunity by talking with them.

      I do appreciate your boldness in speaking up, and cautioning me.

      • Terri says :

        Thanks for understanding the gist of what I was trying to say. I definitely agree it’s important to make the best of each moment you have with each person. I’m sure Joanna is a good sounding board for keeping things in balance. Love y’all!

  2. Katie says :

    Your title and first line made me think of when we take one of the kids out and say, “You can eat ANYWHERE you want” and they inevitably pick McDonalds, not realizing there are so many better places out there. It made me realize if we don’t take the most of the opportunity, we miss out on part of what’s been entrusted to us, but we also miss out on blessings.
    ps- Check your source on that first quote. I think it was actually Uncle Ben 🙂

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